The Most Convenient Way to Send Cash to Friends and Family

Most payment services look like they cater to businesses, but what if you just want to send cash to your friends and family? Thankfully, there are still many companies that can offer what you need. If you want a convenient transfer service that you can use, here are some options that you can try.

Cash App

Cash App is a popular payment service like PayPublishing that offers electronic fund transfers. The money transfer service allows its users to conveniently use a linked debit card, bank account, credit card, or even their Cash App balance to send cash. If you wish, you can get a free Cash Card from Cash App. You may use this Cash Card like a regular debit card to spend the money in your balance.

Credit card representation.


One of the biggest companies in the money transfer industry is PayPal, and it is a popular option for most people. PayPal often charges high fees; luckily, you can send cash for free if you send money to your friends and family! Some ways you can add money to your PayPal wallet to make a transfer include your debit card, credit card, PayPal Credit, and your bank account. Tons of people have PayPal accounts already. If you want to set one up, all you need is an e-mail address and phone number.


Venmo is a great option for almost everyone, particularly young adults. Venmo offers social features that let their users conveniently split bills. Venmo ussers may use their linked banked account, credit card, and Venmo balance to send other Venmo users cash. Like Cash App, Venmo has an optional and free debit card that you may use to spend the cash in your Venmo balance.

So, why is Venmo great for regular use? Most people already own a Venmo account. You can easily transfer money whenever you want since the person you want to send it to probably already owns an account.

Google Pay

You can use Google Pay’s digital wallet to make convenient purchases and money transfers, plus it is fantastic if you want to make a P2P transfer. Anyone who has a Gmail account essentially already has a Google Pay account. You can use Google Pay to split bills easily. It also has nifty tools within it that help you do math to split the money accurately.

Apple Pay Cash

If you own an Apple product (iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone, Mac, etc.), you can use the Messages App to send and receive money. Most new Apple products are compatible with the Messages app. You can enroll for Apple Pay using your Apple device. Link the debit card of your choice to the Apple Wallet app, then you can start using the Messages app to make transfers.

Worrying about using the best payment service to send cash to family and friends is a thing of the past now. You may check out the P2P transfer options stated above and compare the benefits to make a wise choice today.